Reasons for daunting Healthcare Costs.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has the main goal of making healthcare affordable for the masses in the United States. With the recession that effected the United States Economy in 2007 a large number of working people lost health insurance benefits as a result of increased unemployment and decreasing bank accounts. There have been said to be many reasons for the continuing rise in health care. Here is a list of some reasons health care costs have risen:

– New technologies such as robotic surgery and other non invasive procedures, which improve quality of care and recuperation time but have substantially higher price points. Insurance claims for new technology related procedures are typically higher as well.

– Increased testing and use of medical testing.

– Cost of physician vists has gone up, forcing both insurers and patients to pay more also giving physicians little room for adjustment as well.

– Insurance shifting the burden of cost or Co-payment onto the patient.

– Inability of patients to pay for care in hospital or private practice settings.

– Increased costs of goods and supplies for both hospitals, private practices and laboratories.

– Insurance premiums exceeding inflation.

– Decrease in preventative measures by patients.

– The increasing age of the American population, older people have greater health problems.

– Increase in the number of insured individuals and government subsidizing of insurance.

-Unnecessary spending on testing, procedures.

– Insurance providers encouragement of visiting specialists, getting special testing in specific affiliated network establishments.

These are some of the many reasons why healthcare costs have gone up through out the years in the United States. According to the Kaiser Family foundation, as the economic conditions improve the improvements may help to alleviate the pressures felt by high health care costs.



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