Blog 8

Through out the years technology has been changing the way us humans go about our daily business. This has shown to be true in journalism as well where you are only limited by the technology and visions you may have. One may ask themselves how has journalism changed, in the past 10 years I have seen journalism change more and more every few months, years, mainly due to the introduction of new technologies. Journalism though has definitely changed, from what used to be a print based art that would inform of news from relatively recent events to a live updating beast that keeps up to meet the information hungry people of present. Journalism has been a 24/7 information feeding beast that would constantly push news and other things towards an audience no matter what. With increasing bandwidth communicating news and other events is almost instantaneous a task that would have taken days, months, and possibly years to produce at least a hundred years ago.

So how has Journalism changed:

– It is much easier to report news as it is happening and equally as easy to push the information to the audience almost instantaneously as events unfold with the aid of new technologies.

– New forms of journalism have arisen. journalism is no longer bound by print, radio, or television, you can now receive news on your phone, on the internet, on your computer, through social media, etc.

– Print News is decreasing more and more everyday with the move of companies to adapt to new technologies for getting their content to the intended audience.

– Almost everyone is now a Journalist, before journalists were a select group of people hired by news companies, now a journalist can be a blogger, an i-Reporter as CNN has said, essentially news is more readily available while making the job of information gathering and the jobs of journalist simpler.

– Journalists must adapt and be able to use new technologies to survive in their profession, a journalist has to be a master of many trades now days in comparison to the past where all they would do is go out, record events as they happened and return to write about them for the next issue of a paper.

With all this said I believe that journalism is headed towards higher heights as it has been doing so in the past. Independent news is on the rise there is no more influence of corporations on what journalist can and can’t say.


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