Blog 6

On February 21, 2012 the Lawrenceville Township council will meet to further discuss the crucial issue of the townships 2012 budget. In a previous meeting on February 7th council members were presented with a budget proposal, which could potentially save the township form depleting most of its surplus balance on the municipal spending this year. Township manager, Richard Krawczun, in a previous council meeting that was held on January 17th, presented the proposal with three different scenarios in order for the proposed budget to stay with in the states 2% tax increase cap. The proposal initially called for a municipal tax rate increase of $0.05 would result in an increase of taxes from $0.84 to $0.89 or use the current $4.87 million out of the $5.02 million surplus that would be needed to balance the 2012 municipal budget of $42.35 million. After projected spending for the 2012 year the $0.05 tax increase would be enough to just meet the surplus. In the first proposal presented to the council was to increase taxes an additional $0.09 on top of the $0.05 increase bringing the total from $0.89 to $0.98. This $0.09 increase would be able to bring the surplus close to $2,275,000 but since this proposal exceeds the state tax cap of 2% it would have to be voted on by township residents in a referendum that would have to coincide with the current school board election for timeliness approval. Two other scenarios proposed instead of generating the excess $2.3 million is the removal of trash collection costs from the budget. In this scenario trash collection would be assessed through a fee that would be paid by the residents instead of it being paid through taxes as is being paid for currently. The other option under the same trash collection proposal would give residents the option of selecting their own trash collection contractors. Other actions put forth on the agenda for the meeting this Tuesday are, refunds for recreation fee authorization, open space tax rate authorization, along with other orders of business. The main focus of this meeting will be the decisions on the approval for the proposed budget to be put forth to Lawrenceville residents in the form of a referendum that will be voted on during the current school board election.



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