Blog 4

In a recent event that took place in New Brunswick a local teen was shot for his attempt to break up an altercation between two other individuals by using a handgun to fire blank shots in order to break up the incident. With New Brunswick having many gun related incidents, family of the 19 year old Victor Rodriguez felt that the two responding officers acted with excessive force by firing first and asking questions later. Officers were said to be on a routine patrol when they heard Rodriguez fire shots, and responded quickly where Rodriguez was taken down with critical shots fired by the officers. Neighbors and family members were outraged by the fact that there was no warning given before the officers decided to take action. A family member of the victim questioned why Victor was shot multiple times and from what eye witnesses say he was even shot while on the ground. The family described Victor’s condition as fair while he recovers in the hospital with a bullet in his spine. The officers involved in the shooting have since been put on administrative leave. The incident took place only a few blocks away from another police shooting of Barry Deloatch, which had happened the September prior to the Victor Rodriguez shooting. An organized march and protest is planned for next Tuesday, Feb. 14, and will take place at 6:15 pm, the same time that the shooting had taken place.

The reporter of this article showed that they have done their research and fact finding on the story buy getting eyewitness testimonials and by asking other members of the community. The reporter here has taken an unbiased approach and talked about both sides of the party through out the article. The strategies they might have used to get their information could have been a phone call to the local PBA President to get further information about the two officers that were involved in the situation.



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