Blog 3

As a journalist your job is to serve the people by giving them what they need to know. Journalists basically tell it as it is, they inform the public about what really goes on in the world so it is essential to get the facts right. The backbone of journalism is fact finding, facts are what make up the one huge story for every one to digest in one sitting. Journalist basically do all the dirty work for society to bring them closer to the truths that may be hidden all over this convoluted world. Facts also show how credible a report is by being thorough with facts because it is the responsibility of journalists to be truthful which can be accomplished with multiple facts from many sources. Along the lines of fact-finding, fact and source verification is probably the biggest part of a journalist’s credibility, you just don’t assume that a journalist is making stuff up. The movie Shattered Glass is a perfect example of why you journalist do not state bogus facts and verify facts like crazy. . A great real world example is the whole Watergate scandal, which proved that fact finding and source verification prove vital in revealing what was going on inside of the government exposing the president for his wrong doing. It’s verification of facts is like a journalists works cited or bibliography, it shows that you did the work to see if your facts were valid and came from multiple sources as opposed to just one random source. Verification not only defends your facts it also helps in making your facts more accurate.

Accuracy is another important aspect of journalism, most of the time a journalist misses an important event, so to make up for this you would expect a him/her to get a source that was present at said event. Accuracy also plays into the crucial role in the truthfulness aspect of journalism, so accuracy matters a lot in journalism simply because inaccuracies leads to a misinformed and harmed society. The example set by the Watergate Scandal, and by the movie Shattered Glass, inaccurate facts can will harm a journalist reputation and credibility, the reputation of the journalists employer, and tarnishes journalism as a whole since it has violated one of its main principles of truth telling. All in all a journalist has to protect themselves from these huge aspects of journalism because if they are ignored then they have to pay the consequences of their own wrongdoing.



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