The Societal Role of Journalism and Journalists…

Journalists play a crucial role in the every day lives of millions and even billions of individuals by bringing and relaying information in a substantially accurate, prompt and understandable manner. With the ever-changing demands of society, journalism and the journalist have made adaptions allowing for a constant flow of information; journalism is more of a 24/7 job than ever before. The societal role of journalist is to give the public what they want and need to thrive, essentially to serve in the best interest of society/public with maximum transparency on what is happening in the world around us. Through out the years journalists have played a key role in keeping government in check, this has been true in many cases especially in the United States, making sure that government doesn’t get out of hand and ensuring that public is safe from any wrongful governmental action. Watergate, Vietnam war, Arab spring, were/are some of the major historical events that journalists played a huge role in by bringing the truth to the public about flawed elected officials and the harshness and cruelties of war. Journalism matters because people now more than ever want to know what’s going on in the world and it is the job of journalists to provide this information on a regular and consistent basis or else important events and issues would never be addressed, take the occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab spring for examples. The occupy movement received little to no coverage initially and then with the help of journalists and bloggers the issue spread like wild fire, the same could be said about the Arab spring but this event was covered with great extent which garnered action by the UN and other nations to overthrow dictators and in still new governments. All of these are reasons for why I would consider becoming a journalist. You get to tell people the truth about what is going on in the world, how they could potentially be affected and give them some food for thought. You also get to inform the public and protect them for the dangers created by man, or nature, and act like a well-wisher for humanity it self. I for one fell in love with journalism because I love the news, whether it be watching the news or reading about the happening in the world and also because I love photography and photojournalism is one thing that caught my attention as a teenager.


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