The importance of Journalism…

In the information hungry 21st century that we live in, it is only vital for a huge push of information created by individuals all over with the aid of evolving technology. With important events happening every minute, every second for that matter, it is essential for journalist to make even the smallest of instances important and bring them into the light for others to gain some insight because even the smallest disturbance or event could change the world for better or worse.

Who are journalist today?

Journalists change the world every day, hour, minute for the benefit of society as a whole. One great example took place close to one year ago in early 2011, where a 26-year-old Tunisian citizen, in a fairly rural town, set himself on fire in protest after being humiliated by a government official. This one act in a small rural town in Tunisia sparked a huge uprising in many Arab nations and lead to the invasion and fall of a dictator, all made possible by one daring individual, a person with a camera phone and many brave journalists who took it upon themselves to let the rest of the world know what was going on. With the technology available today there is a thin line between who is considered a journalist, but it can be said that a journalist can be anyone as long as they consider public interest, tell the truth, and be able to back their stories and selves up if need be. Journalists are essentially agenda setters, storytellers, which can range in the various mediums, from print journalism to photojournalism and beyond as long as they have the ability to get news out as it happens.

Where and where is journalism taking place?

As seen in the example of the Arab spring that looked at one region and at a specific time but journalism and news for that matter is happening everywhere, and all the time essentially 24/7. Just look at how many news outlets give you the ability to have access to breaking news stories at every hour of the day, CNN is a prime example since 1980, which served as a cable based news station that was on air all day and all night. Being a iPhone owner and having multiple news based apps, I am constantly woken up at night with updates from the Associated Press or from MSNBC regarding various major events happening either in another state or in another country half way around the world.

Why do we need Journalism?

Journalism is about making a difference and changes the world every day. Journalism give us what we the public need to sustain a sense of well being knowing what to expect and when to expect it, how to make educated decisions, and experience events with out physically being present. We need journalism to keep society in check and to keep it from going crazy because we as human beings have an interest in everything that is around us and that can potentially affect us.



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